Did you know there are over 100 ways to drape a sari?

I can still distinctly remember the first time I wore a sari. I remember feeling so beautiful and grown up (even though I was in the awkward teenage years). I had planned with my mother, forย a week, on which one I would wear and why. Since then, even with all the changing fashion trends, I still prefer to wear a sari whenever the occasion presents itself. There is something so femine and elegant about the sari and it’s versatility is a testimony to its ability to survive thousands of years.

Did you know there are over 100 different ways to tie a sari? Let Rta Kapur Chishti teach you The Art of Sari Draping during her talk and live demo on Sunday, April 23rd in Oak Brook. The renowned ‘sari historian’ is being brought to the Chicagoland by the Indo-American Heritage Museum whose mission is to celebrate the culture of Indian Americans in Chicago.

Unstiched: the Art of Sari Draping
Unstiched: the Art of Sari Draping Talk, Demo, & FashionShow
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