Hinduism for Millennials

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Discussing the modern applications of Hinduism for daily life. Did you grow up culturally Hindu but not so much into the religious aspects? Maybe you learned a bit as a child but have become distanced? We are a group of seekers with varied background and experiences. Join us to bring the Divine teachings into your daily life. 

Link to club – https://www.clubhouse.com/club/hinduism-for-millenn

Current weekly series: 

:om_symbol: Gita for Millennials – Sundays @ 10am CST

Join us weekly as we discuss modern applications of Gita teachings. Discussion led by Sri Ravi Chidananda ✳️ @RishiChidananda.

:hindu_temple:Hanuman Chalisa – Saturdays @ TBD (seeking a moderator)

🕉 BYOB: Bring your own bhajan 🎶 – Thursdays @ 12:15pm CST

Enjoy listening and performing devotional music? Join us as we share our favorite devotional hymns/songs/poems. Singers, performers, and seekers are all welcome.

Hosted by @AmeeBee

We host rooms around holidays as well so follow the club to be notified and join in to the discussion. DM @radha824 to start your own rooms & series today!

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